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Please May I Order Some Snackable Content?

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First thing in the morning or last thing at night many of us reach for our phones for a scroll through of our social media platforms liking, sharing and engaging, it has certainly become part of our daily routines. However, gone are the days of reading long-winded posts and captions because, well, who really has time to do that?  

Nowadays just as we would grab a coffee to go, we all crave easily digestible, snackable content. Visually engaging posts won’t guarantee direct sales, but will make your voice heard over the deafening sounds of the digital world.    

Let’s have a quick look at some of the game changers which took this concept and ran with it… 

A round of applause for TikTok 

TikTok knocked its competitors out of the park as they took centre stage back in 2020. We were all inundated with clips of the latest dance routines that we couldn’t help but try and master, car karaoke and even office pranks (what exactly was life before these platforms came into force). From the get go, it was clear that short, snappy content worked a treat as the consumer market became hooked on the fast-paced feel, so much so that in June 2020 the app was downloaded 87 million times worldwide.   

Spotlight on Instagram Reels 

Although TikTok has become a keen favourite for many upcoming brands and influencers, let’s not forget about Instagram Reels, a showstopper when it was first introduced back in August 2020 (how time flies). The ability to create bite-sized videos from 3 to 30 seconds with text, music, stickers and filters has become highly addictive, providing a platform for companies to showcase their unique personalities, brand ethos and provide a sneak peek behind the scenes. 

How can you create a 5* post? 

It may seem as if there is a secret recipe behind creating the perfect snackable content? Well there really isn’t. There are, however, a few things you can do to really make your social posts pop:  

  1. Quotes or Testimonials 

A simple quote or testimonial from a consumer or client could really kickstart the engagement levels and voice the desired message to your target audience. A few lines distributed in your brand colours, font and tone of voice may really work wonders on the grid. 

  1. Infographics  

A clear step-by-step guide providing your audience with some useful how-tos or top tips could really reel in those likes and shares. It’s informative without being too much and may make it easier for users to grasp the concept of your product offering.   

  1. Memes 

Surely these are just something you share to your friends on WhatsApp, right? Wrong! Memes are actually a great way to engage, entertain and spark conversation, allowing your audience to remember your name. However, we will dish this one up with a pre-warning, creating memes is a delicate art and one that will need to be crafted in a tasteful way.  

  1. GIFs 

Another visually compelling tool is to use a GIF to get your brand’s message across. You can choose from a selection of silent videos or maybe even some captivating images on loop? Something that your audience can easily share on their platform will really create the desired buzz you are after.  

So, in essence, your audience no longer craves an à la carte menu, they want quick and easy ‘on the go’ content that is eye-catching and engaging, egging them on to discover more and ultimately driving traffic to your website.  

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It is time to be Nifty.