25th August 2022 - By: alda09x024

Power Of The Podcast

Power of the Podcast

One of the struggles every business will face is getting heard in a hugely competitive market space. With the right content, topics and guests, a podcast can be an effective part of your content marketing strategy.

The power of the podcast is not only that it allows you to create content, but it also allows the audience to feel a connection to those in the business. A key advantage of a podcast is you don’t need the listener’s full attention, as they can consume your content when completing other tasks, such as running or driving for example.

That last point is particularly pertinent. Readers now are much more likely to skim-read a blog and, for video and social media content, it is becoming increasingly difficult to retain viewers’ attention, hence the growth of short video platforms like TikTok. However, podcasts not requiring this immediate attention allows you to take up hours of the listener’s time, letting them get to know you or your company and make a personal connection. The real power of the podcast comes when you’ve built a loyal following that listen to your following time and time again.

To Get Started

The key to getting started on a podcast is to apply the method of something is better than nothing. Many people get stuck in the mindset of needing the best equipment, however, growing your audience is more important. Getting equipment that you understand is all you need to kick start your podcasting schedule.

Content Ideas

To start a podcast, you need to find the topic you are passionate about. This is so you can demonstrate your enthusiasm to a like-minded audience. The key is to have a target listener in mind and tailor your content to suit their needs and interests.

If you are thinking of starting a business podcast, take time to talk to your consumers about their wants and needs as this will give you valuable topic ideas. Another great way to do this for an online business would be to utilise your social following, a poll or a Q&A could similarly help.

Filming Your Podcast

It is very easy once confronted with the camera/microphone to change your normal speaking style. Take time to relax. Writing out bullet points of topics can help and ensure the podcast has a natural feel. It also makes sense to invite guests who you are comfortable with, particularly when you’re new to podcasting.

Wondering why the mention of a camera? It’s not essential to get your podcast off the ground, but once you’ve become more comfortable with it all and you’ve established yourself, your content and your audience, getting a video format for your podcast can help take it to the next level. While video is unlikely to be the main way for audiences to consume your podcast content, it will enable you to produce bitesize clips for social media which can help promote the full version to potential new listeners. You could also film live versions of your show, shared on the likes of Facebook and YouTube, in which you could respond to questions from the audience which will help to generate more engagement on these channels.

Podcast Platforms and Promotion

Finally, the podcast needs to be released online. There are several platforms that can be used for this. Spotify and Apple are great places to upload audio and send your following to. YouTube is also completely free, and others will enjoy watching along rather than just listening. Alternatively, a simple website could be used, with WordPress even providing a PowerPress plugin for podcasts to utilise.

If you’re thinking of starting a podcast or need help with any promotion, get in touch with the Nifty team today.