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Fan Engagement

No matter what industry, your business is nothing without its customers and in the case of sports teams that means fan engagement.

Fostering long-term relationships through fan engagement is essential in order to sustain an organisation’s future. The very nature of competitive sport, the thing that makes it so appealing to audiences across the world, is its unpredictability. Success can be achieved by all but the costs, and returns, fluctuate.

Through the Niftyverse we reconnect fanbases and amplify their experience to generate record levels of engagement and unlock new, sustainable revenue streams.

Fans need to be seen as more than simply a paying customer. If you have a highly-engaged fanbase which feels a bond with your club, they are far more likely to continue to buy your tickets and merchandise should the team fall on harder times.

While it’s an unquantifiable metric, having a higher volume of supporters who are passionate towards your team attending matches can make a difference to your sporting success.

Fan Engagement: How does it work?

On-field performances are the predominant attraction of your club to fans, but you can’t rely on this entertainment to keep them engaged. By definition, supporters are loyal, and it is important to recognise and repay this loyalty by providing the one thing they desire – access.

Season tickets and membership cards are a common way of giving back to the fans at matches, but it’s also important to give back through content. By providing access to players, management, backroom staff through live content shared across socials, or behind subscription walls, organisations can build fanaticism like never before.

As significant as the matches are, there are huge opportunities away competitive action to engage and drive discussion. This is where organisations should be looking to engage with fans and whet their appetite for their team and sport. And it’s exactly why the Niftyverse was created.

What’s the Niftyverse?

A Niftyverse is an integrated marketing environment promoting your message anywhere your target audience may see it. Often fuelled through PR and performance marketing, a Niftyverse may include social media, video content, influencers, ambassadors, ads and old-school print campaigns.

This integrated approach is designed to build engagement, credibility and trust. If you’d like to understand more about building your own revenue-generating environment, talk to a member of the team today.