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Integrated Marketing Services

Let us introduce ourselves

We are Nifty Communications, a full-service marketing agency based in Worcester, United Kingdom. We’re a small but mighty team that packs a punch by consistently overdelivering for our clients across a range of sectors and industries.

The reason we’re able to succeed is because of our integrated marketing environment; the Niftyverse.

A communications environment.

The Niftyverse is built around the concept of integrated marketing, offering a seamless experience for your audience to engage with your brand.

The Niftyverse melds all aspects of communications such as advertising, public relations, direct marketing and social media, so they work together as a unified force.

The core of a Niftyverse is content, which is always king, and the tools are used to share that content far and wide to the right people in the right places.

That often means social media, adverts and emails, or at least a way of capturing data, as core deliverables. On top of this is tailored tools to suit the strategy. In a B2B sense, webinars, whitepapers and trade press is going to play a role, while in D2C, blog content, video and chatbots are likely to be key.

We created the Niftyverse.

The factors for our success are solid audience understanding, clear campaigns, powerful ideas, agile productions and an unrivalled understanding of how your data can fuel your communications strategy through an integrated marketing environment.

Integrated marketing: How does it work?

The Niftyverse amplifies your story and allows us to exploit paid, owned and earned channels in equal measure.

We also capitalise on strong SEO credentials and credibility provided by highly-trusted sites through our campaigns.

Looking to work in integrated marketing?

Nifty Communications are always on the lookout for fresh faces to join the team. If you’re a professional marketeer on the hunt for your next challenge then get in contact today. You can also click here to view a range of career opportunities that we’re currently recruiting.

What are the benefits of using an integrated marketing agency?

In a modern world, your potential audience will be consuming content on multiple platforms, often simultaneously. These touchpoints require a clear and consistent plan in order to reach their full potential. That’s where Nifty Communications comes in. As an integrated marketing agency, we offer a full-service approach, ensuring your brand’s channels are harmoniously singing your song.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Nifty and our services, please drop us a call or email hello@niftycomms.com for a free consultation.