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Membership Campaigns

Membership campaigns are an effective way of building an engaged audience and a consistent stream of revenue.

Membership campaigns can come in a variety of different forms. Users can access products or services by purchasing a membership; the audience may receive discount on those products or services by being a member; or they may get value-added content or first access to your offering through being a member.

Turning audiences into members.

Discounting your products or services for a membership audience can be a great way of developing customer loyalty. If you are operating in an industry where you have a lot of competitors fighting over the same audience, offering customers that extra value that can turn their single purchase from your organisation into repeated sales.

There is also the loyalty scheme option – think Tesco Clubcard. If customers are rewarded for buying from you, they are much more likely to return, and can even be enticed to make purchases when they might not otherwise have done so.

Loyalty works both ways.

Whatever style of membership offering you seek to adopt, you need to have a thoroughly-planned offering in place. Customers look to purchase memberships ultimately as they see it as getting better value from your business. If the overall value-for-money appears to be better elsewhere, then that is where the customer is likely to head.

Note the word ‘appears’ – once you’ve defined your membership offering, you need to identify the best way of letting your audience know about it. You will need to identify the unique selling points of your membership programme that is going to entice your desired audience to going with what you have to offer.