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We’ll get you noticed.

Nifty’s founder once said if your audience is your herd, then public relations and marketing are their shepherds.

We do Public Relations services differently. Every potential touch point is considered so we look at social media, strategic partners, ambassadors and Google data, to name a few. We then build a PR environment that grows reach, credibility and trust.

It’s called the Niftyverse.

We’re not just another PR agency. We boast more than 20 years’ experience inside top-flight sports, health & fitness, hospitality, events and the food and drink industries. 

Today we combine all that experience to create compelling communications campaigns that hit your audience through your own, bespoke Niftyverse. All our PR & marketing packages are based on the latest Google data too, which means we place you in the centre of topical discussion. 

What’s the Niftyverse do?

A Niftyverse is an integrated marketing environment promoting your message anywhere your target audience may see it. Often fuelled through Public Relations and performance marketing, a Niftyverse may include social media, video content, influencers, ambassadors, ads and old-school print campaigns.

This integrated approach means we swiftly build engagement, credibility and trust.

Public Relations services at Nifty: How does it work?

We build imaginative and successful PR campaigns through our tried-and-tested processes which always start with an audit. This is where we look at your previous activities, current activities and your competitors’ activities. This allows us to understand what works, what doesn’t and who is listening.

From there, we generate a wealth of ideas to engage and compel the target audience. The objective is to entice new customers into your branded Niftyverse to unlock the potential for regular communications.

If you’re looking for an innovative Public Relations agency, get in touch with Team Nifty today. It’s time to be Nifty.

What is PR – Business-to-Consumer (B2C)?

B2C PR refers to businesses wanting to get their name in front of their potential customers through generating media coverage in print publications, broadcast outlets or websites.

While there may be developments with your organisation’s service or product that may be deemed newsworthy, the most impactful PR campaigns usually occur by running events or performing a stunt, that will generate news coverage, allowing the brand name to be associated with the story in the press. The aim is to generate a return on investment through customers being exposed to your brand.

What is PR – Business-to-Business (B2B)?

B2B PR is where a business sells its products or services to other businesses as opposed to the general consumer. The primary objective here is to build exposure for your business so it is gains and maintains respect in your given industry. This will often involve pitching leaders within the organisation as thought leaders to the media to showcase the brand’s expertise

Reputation and Crisis Management

The main aim with any work done for a client is to enhance their reputation. However, there may be some occasions out of your control where a client generates press for the wrong reasons, seeing their reputation take a hit. This is where you step in as a PR professional to limit the damage as much as possible.

A knowledgeable Public Relations agency will be able to support you with any of these, and more.