Product Campaigns

Product campaigns are all about awareness. You may have developed the world’s best product but it’ no use if nobody knows about it.

That’s why effective product campaigns are imperative to achieving sales. Product campaigns will seek to use a variety of marketing platforms to target the desired audience. From PR and social media ads through to email marketing and Google Shopping.

It’s important to make sure the sales channels you’re using are all working in synergy but that’s where the Niftyverse comes in. We build campaigns around clearly-defined targets, such as a number of units to sell each month, or different locations to sell products in.

It all starts with an audit.

The key to launching a new product is understanding your audience. You will need to look at what products they are buying, i.e. your competitors, what social accounts they’re following, as well as any prominent demographics.

Nifty will take this information to audit your competitors and analyse what’s working for them, look at what could be done better, and how we can target their audiences and expose them to your products.

Base decisions on real-time analytics

Creating a thorough marketing strategy is important, but so is analysing your progress. Particularly in the early days of a campaign, which you should allow for a learning phase, you will notice trends between the performance of your respective marketing platforms.

This will enable you to focus more resources on those channels that are generating better results, while creating a picture of how you should refine those which are not. It’s the first thing we do is build a Nifty Hub, to show all the critical data in one real-time platform.