27th September 2022 - By: alda09x024

How to Reach and Engage with Customers at Various Digital Touchpoints 

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Are you looking for integrated marketing? 

In marketing, customer touchpoints are integral, and part of a larger picture. Each marketing touchpoint is both self-sufficient and serves to reinforce or extend into other touchpoints. If you want to execute a well-planned, integrated marketing strategy for your audience, you will need to plan your marketing touchpoints and use them effectively. 

As a customer is deciding whether to purchase something from your online store or business, they take several digital actions, from browsing products through to purchase. These aspects are all pieces of what is referred to as the customer journey. 

The overall experience that a customer has with your business, is what encourages them to purchase your products and/or services. You will need to evaluate and enhance all possible online touchpoints in order to offer value to your customers and motivate them to buy. To engage customers, businesses need to enhance all parts of the buyer journey, making it seamless and interesting.  

What are customer touchpoints? 

Customer touchpoints consider all the intercommunication that takes place between a business and its customers in the online realm. This could involve peer referrals, display ads, reviews, an online search, website visits and finally buying a product or service. With integrated marketing, you can get an effective customer touchpoint strategy. 

For instance, a shopper may land on your website after clicking on a social media ad that led them to search for more content on your business. Their interest has piqued, and they proceed to your online store to peruse your products and services. If their experience is positive, they find something they need or want, and buy it. 

With the right customer touchpoints, a brand can dramatically enhance the customer journey. Nevertheless, not all touchpoints work for all businesses.  

Try to look at things from your customers’ point-of-view and consider the actions they take before making any purchase. 

After getting an overall idea of the resources and data your target audience will need during their journey, you will have to settle on which marketing touchpoints they are likely to use and place your brand in accordance to your available budget and size.  

So, when you start an online store, you can opt for integrated marketing and come up with an impactful strategy for various digital touchpoints to reach and engage with their consumers.