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Rugby World Cup Sponsorship 2023

rugby world cup sponsorship

With the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France just around the corner, some of the biggest players in the sponsorship game are lining up to secure their spots in this sporting extravaganza and it’s no wonder why! The numbers don’t lie, and they speak volumes about the immense value this event brings to brands worldwide. 

Who are the Ruby World Cup Sponsors?

SNCF, the French national railway company, has taken the leap as an official sponsor of the Rugby World Cup 2023, and they’re leaving no stone unturned in their campaign. Offering exclusive travel packages for fans, teams, and coaches throughout the World Cup, committing to the lowest possible carbon footprint. SNCF is ensuring that fans experience a journey to remember both on and off the field.  

GMF, not far behind, has not only become an official sponsor but will provide the medical staff for all 48 matches of the tournament. This deal is mutually beneficial for both brand and tournament showing us all what a great sponsorship deal looks like.  

TotalEnergies, the energy giant, has also hopped on the rugby bandwagon as an official energy sponsor, and they’re showing their commitment to sustainability in their campaign. They have played a major role in promoting the competition to the public. From the special train and rugby villages constructed specially for the event in the nine host cities. Visitors can test their force with the TotalEnergies Scrum Machine at each train station or rugby village and observe how their strengths convert into an energy equivalent from everyday life. 

Telecommunications leader, Orange, has embraced the chance to connect with fans through the RWC. Their campaign revolves around keeping fans connected in every match moment. From super-fast Wi-Fi in stadiums to interactive fan engagement apps, Orange is making sure that fans stay connected with their passion for rugby. 

You know you’ve struck gold when Mastercard and Land Rover—two iconic global brands—become part of the Rugby World Cup journey. Mastercard, in its RWC campaign, is offering fans priceless experiences, from VIP access to meet-and-greets with rugby legends. Meanwhile, Land Rover is celebrating the sport’s spirit of adventure by organising grassroots initiatives that inspire the next generation of rugby stars. 

 What does this mean for brands sponsoring the tournament? 

The investment from these brands is no small feat, but they understand that this is a game-changer in their marketing playbook. Rugby World Cup sponsorship opens the door to an unparalleled global audience, engaging millions of passionate fans who are ready to embrace brands that share their love for the sport.  

Moreover, sponsoring the Rugby World Cup isn’t just a short-term win; it’s an investment in a lasting legacy. The positive association with the sport’s core values of teamwork, determination, and respect leaves a lasting impression on consumers. Fans remember the brands that fuel their passion and loyalty, making it a win-win for both the sponsors and the rugby community.  

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