Our Services

Pay per click (PPC)

We do PPC differently. Ads aren’t just about getting clicks, they’re about getting your story in front of the right audience.

Ours ads are designed to support all your comms activities and drive your message home. We place your brand, product or services in front of a specific audience for maximum recognition.‚Äč

You can then keep track of how your ads are performing in our bespoke data studio report.

PPC at Nifty: How does it work?

Everything starts with the keyword analysis. This is where we learn what terms are generating the most searches. We also take a sneak peek at what keywords your competitors are using too.

Then we’ll set up the ad campaigns based on the keywords, geography and audience demographics. It’s important to consider websites in your target audience too, as this is where we’ll focus your display ads.

‚ÄčOnce everything’s up and running, it’s time to report our ads’ success, so we’ll build you a bespoke data studio to track everything in real time. We’ll also review the report daily and react.