27th December 2022 - By: alda09x024

Steps for Streamlined and Consistent Integrated Marketing Campaigns

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A disjointed brand experience is not something any business wants for their customers. To ensure a consistent message on different marketing channels, you can depend on an experienced integrated marketing agency.

Through this strategy your prospective customers will be shown a consistent visual look and feel, slogans, promotion details, as well as the same general tone spanning all the channels you are on.

Customers might engage with your services or products through different sources be it a billboard, social media ad or promotional material in a store. Throughout all these sources they should be offered a harmonious branding experience.

Integrated marketing – How to go about it?

Campaign objectives outlined

Are you looking to amplify brand awareness? Boost offline sales? Drive in-store foot traffic?

Your campaign objectives will dictate the whole of your marketing strategy, so it’s crucial to decide on them right from the beginning.

Researching your target audience

As any integrated marketing agency will tell you, this step is essential as your target audience will determine the marketing channels you need to be on, the creative approach you plan, and the type of message you want to put forward.

Analyse what channels would work for your businesses

After you analyse who your target audience is you can begin choosing various channels to engage with them. You can pick from several options but a few of the commonly used marketing channels include: 

Businesses would have to set out unique creative approaches on each channel and offer users a seamless omnichannel experience without expending too much effort.

Establish the creative approach

Your integrated marketing campaigns would need to have a brand look and feel or a unique and interest generating campaign. Things like font, colours and tone will have to be established. While the marketing department is deciding these elements they would also have to figure out how they will be showcased on the different platforms.  

Evaluate the results

When your ads or campaigns have been running for a while you can perform an analysis to evaluate their performance. Businesses can monitor the metrics that matter to them for instance, ROI, reach, conversions and engagement level.

Tweak your campaign and run it

On the basis of your evaluation businesses can make certain tweaks to the marketing material, approach, tone, incentives. After the tweaks are made you can run the campaign once more. Thanks to the potential of integrated marketing campaigns you get an adaptable strategy that can be tweaked based on the data insights.

Working with an integrated marketing agency allows businesses to create a consistent experience for their prospective customers, ultimately driving higher sales and revenue.