10th February 2023 - By: alda09x024

Super Bowl Ad Teasers

super bowl ads

So, it’s almost that time. A time when some of the world’s biggest brands throw millions of pounds at the opportunity to promote their services during an ad break of one of the most watched sports spectacles on earth… yes, we’re taking about the Super Bowl. 

The opportunity to advertise during the Super Bowl is so sought after that some of the adverts are confirmed before we even know which two teams will be competing. 

Anyway, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the teasers for Super Bowl LVII’s ads. 


We all know what happened the last time Budweiser were involved with a huge sporting event, however, we’ve got higher hopes for this one. 

The USA’s biggest beer brand has enlisted the help of Kevin Bacon for this one, but we have to say, they don’t really give too much away. We’re excited to see what they’ve been up to! 


One of the world’s most popular snack companies has chosen to give even less away than Budweiser – believe it or not! 

On 17th January Pringles dropped an ominous post on social media of a lady about to put her hands into the famous tube, along with the caption ‘#StuckInPringles tick tock, tick tock… 2.12.23’. 

Okay Pringles, you’ve got our attention. Tell us who that person is, NOW! 


Is anyone else getting hungrier the longer this blog goes on or is it just me? 

Doritos has teamed up with hip-hop artist, Jack Harlow, with a clever play on the phrase ‘love triangle’. The commercial itself look like a normal day in the life of the Louisville native. However, whether he tucks into Doritos in the back of his car in normal life remains to be seen. 


The fabric softener company has hired an unknown celebrity who has declared they’ll be sniffing their hoodie for 12 weeks (until the Super Bowl), and no you haven’t read that incorrectly.  

It’s reported that these brands will be paying north of $7,000,000 for a 30 second commercial during a Super Bowl ad break. Look, if you’re after pure awareness or to get one over on your competitors, and you have a seismic budget to play with then why not?! 

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