11th October 2022 - By: alda09x024

Fed Joins Team Nifty!

Hi, I’m Federica but you can call me Fed. I’ve never thought about the million versions of my name until I moved to the UK and joined Nifty – the Brits like calling me, Frederica or Fredrika!

Originally from Milan, I have a degree in Public Relations and Communication, and my passion for travelling (and fashion) brought me to Barcelona where I got a master’s in Fashion Marketing and Communication. I started working in the fashion industry straight away, joining a top international modelling agency which gave me the opportunity to improve my interpersonal skills and build strong working relationships with my clients while enjoying the seasonal trips to Paris. Fashion will always have a special spot in my heart for its art and creativity.

Love brought me to Gloucestershire where I had to reinvent myself, focusing on my marketing knowledge and all the transferrable skills I’ve gained through my previous job experience. I’ve always been fascinated by the psychological side of customers and the act of purchase, the reasons why we click on a specific picture on Instagram, or why we follow a sponsored link. I started my journey as a Social Media Account Executive for a digital PR agency, working on organic content and supporting all the influencer projects. When I touched a Facebook ad for the very first time, I understood that was my path. I am extremely fascinated by the strategy behind the ads – it’s my magic tool to reach specific audiences at each stage of the purchase process. A strong social media strategy is a mix of powerful organic content, tailored paid strategy, eye-catching creatives, and the right collaborations with influencers.

I’m a very driven person and I can be a quick learner – just after a few months in my new role, I was promoted to Social Media Account Manager, working predominantly on paid strategy and optimisation. The agency life allows me to work on different projects at the same time and switch between my multiple thinking hats, giving me new challenges and keeping me (very) busy. I like a creative, positive, motivating working environment – a safe space to grow professionally with the support of nice people. Nifty Comms sounded like the right place to be, the company has a strong culture that encourages the employees to be brave, not hold back and keep the ideas coming. I’m looking forward to being able to tell you more in a few months’ time and let you know my new achievements after joining Nifty.

Fun fact about me? I played volleyball for 10 years and the Italian tournament when I was just 16!