17th February 2023 - By: alda09x024

Techniques for Twitter

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Here at Nifty, we recently asked marketing professionals which social media platform users, businesses and brands get the best results from. The poll consisted of four social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter – and the Elon Musk owned platform won by a landslide.   

So, let’s explore why Twitter is so popular and how you can start to capitalise through your own marketing strategy.  

Twitter Ads and Traffic

As of January 2023, Twitter has more than 550 million active users. Let’s think of this as the number of people who could potentially see your content. However, it’s also important to know how long each user spends on the platform. With a bounce rate of only 34%, Twitter bodes well on session duration.   

Admittedly, we have all at some point opened an app just to exit it right away, but the higher the bounce rate the less the users are engaging with content or at the very least acknowledging it. With high active users and a low bounce rate, Twitter is looking attractive for marketers wanting to raise awareness of their brand. One of the easiest and quickest ways to get eyeballs viewing your content is running ads. Lucky for marketers, Twitter is one of the cheapest around in terms of advertising costs.

There are multiple types of ads you can run, but most businesses want clicks, directing users to a website or designated landing page. Other positives of running ads on Twitter is that there is no minimum ad budget required and the cost per click is lower than any other social media platform.  

With high active users, a low bounce rate and cheap ads, Twitter can be an effective way to market, especially as users are spending 26% more time interacting with Twitter ads when compared with ads on other platforms. However, one concern is whether those that view your content and click to visit your site will turn into conversions. If your objective is awareness, this isn’t a big issue, but in terms of sales or clients Twitter’s cheap ads can’t guarantee income. 

Organic Content 

Twitter’s organic content is one of the reasons for its good fan engagement statistics and Twitter’s simple retweet option is perfect for fan engagement. Retweets can also work as ‘social proof’ that your content is valuable and worth sharing and we all know that brand advocacy is one of the best ways to promote your business.   

Twitter is fast paced and constantly moving. Unlike Instagram or Facebook, Twitter is a seemingly never-ending stream of relevant news, thanks to its algorithm and features such as the For You page.  This makes it great for business and brands looking to hop on trends or keeping themselves up-to-date and relevant. The For You page can be a useful tool for fan engagement by creating content that aligns with trending topics. It also lets businesses and individuals engage with Twitter users on a more personal level (even those that don’t follow them). 

Target Audience 

Twitter is known for being an echo chamber. Meaning that the algorithm decides what to show on your feed based off your likes, interactions, followers, etc. Understanding Twitter’s algorithm is important for gaining awareness and segmenting your audiences.

The platform has analytics options that allow you to view your impressions and engagements on specific content. By segmenting your audience, you can create or retweet content to target each segment. This lets you optimise your content and potentially increase user engagement. Twitter ads also allow you to specify your desired audience demographic and how they will engage with your content, from interest targeting to conversation targeting. 

In summary: Twitter can be a cost-effective and relevant tool to reach your target audience. Otherwise we wouldn’t have 69% of marketing professionals in our poll who prefer it over other platforms.