6th March 2023 - By: alda09x024

The Value of Exclusive Sports Content

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For many, sport is invaluable, providing endless benefits such as sense of community, mental health support and entertainment. However, when you ask your sports fans to pay for the experience, how much do they really value it?  

As a team, we value content, especially sports content, but we wanted to do the research for sports organisations and find out what fans are willing to pay for exclusive access. 

46.6% of sports fans said they would spend between £0.99 – £2.99 to access exclusive sports content, this could include behind the scene, athlete interviews or press conferences – yes, content you are already producing! Just imagine how much money you are leaving on the table… 

The point of this Twitter poll was to uncover how fans value content and we can’t argue with the results. The majority did vote for the lowest price point, but interestingly 11.9% of fans voted they would spend up to £99.99 for exclusive sports content.   

These different price points were not plucked out of thin air, in fact they are the prices that Facebook sets for its paid subscription service. Facebook subscriptions is a monetisation tool that helps creators and organisations earn revenue from their content. Fans want access, they want to feel like they are part of a community and have the exclusive scoop of all the latest news.  

As experts in social monetisation, here is how we suggest sports organisations could offer valuable sports content to their fans based on a range of price points.  

£0.99 – £2.99Behind the scenes content, athlete takeovers  
£4.00 – £9.99Athlete Interviews, post-game debriefs 
£19.99 – £99.99Data insights, press conferences, long form content such as full interviews or blogs. Insider scoop from coaches or players.  

For a lot of organisations this content already exists, it’s just about positioning it to fans in the correct way for the right price, but we already know what fans are willing to pay… so what’s stopping you?  

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