24th March 2023 - By: alda09x024

TikTok Or Instagram?

If you’re not familiar with the video-sharing platform TikTok… Firstly, where have you been? Secondly, what’s it like to have so much free time? As of 2023, adults are spending an average of 91 minutes a day! That’s 1.5 hours, so there’s no surprise brands are taking advantage.

Are TikTok’s and Instagram’s audience different?

Instagram is also a huge marketing tool, being a purely visual platform, and brands can benefit from a wide range of features. The editing tools can enhance brands’ aesthetics and with the rise of influencer marketing, this is a huge benefit. But the question is, which do marketers prefer, TikTok or Instagram?  

Gen-Z have swarmed to TikTok with most users aged 15-25. The beauty of the app is the short, snackable content. Audiences are transfixed with a blend of three-minute or 60-second videos. Meaning in this fast-paced, digitally active world we live in, users don’t need a huge attention span to engage with the app.  However, TikTok have introduced 10 minute long videos (to TikTok users that’s a feature length film) to try and compete with platforms such as YouTube.

Determining which platform is better will depend on a few factors; your audience, your product, and the type of content you create. A lot of brands enjoy the rawness and authenticity of TikTok. However, others may want a more sparkling, professional look and Insta’s editing features and dynamics seem to outperform TikTok’s in this area.  

TikTok for Business offers advice on how best to market products, highlighting the importance of combining brand-led and creator-led content. Users thrive when they are exposed to a mixture of product videos alongside videos featuring human interaction. They also want brands to take advantage of trending hashtags and the free audio on the platform. Because we’ve all been there and had that popular TikTok song stuck in our head all day, right? 

The average user spends 28 minutes on Instagram each day. The stories feature is great for brands, offering the ‘link’ option and hashtag. This is appealing for marketers, and as we already know, Insta is indisputably the home of influencers – constantly encouraging us to buy everything and anything in a simple click. 

Did TikTok’s video limit extension drive users away?  

In a bid to broaden their features, TikTok released an update which will gave users the ability to create videos up to 10 minutes long. But did it take away the appeal of TikTok and its short, snappy videos? In short, no. TikTok is thriving (apart from talk of bans in some countries) it is easily the most engaged app.

YouTube, threatened by new kid on the block TikTok, introduced ‘YouTube Shorts’ which gives users the same freedom to endlessly scroll short form content. However, TikTok still seems to come out on top with its array of features, audio, and effects. Who doesn’t want to see cats playing instruments or synhronised, cringey dance routines?  

Could this feature potentially drive away TikTok’s younger audience, causing them to flock right back over to Instagram? YouTube? Or even Twitter (yes, Twitter).

The battle of the apps for promotion and advertising is constantly changing – because the platforms themselves are always evolving and developing to compete with one and other. Marketers believe it all depends on the brand and product, with TikTok showcasing more raw content, while that of Instagram tending to be more perfect and polished. Yet, it’s clear to see if you want eye balls on your content, TikTok is the way forward. Especially for content creators with TikTok’s new feature, ‘TikTok Series’.