13th April 2023 - By: alda09x024

TikTok Announce Series Feature

TikTok's newest feature: TikTok Series

TikTok has unveiled a new feature that lets content creators use a paywall. Called ‘TikTok Series’, the feature enables creators to charge their followers for access to premium content.

How TikTok Series works

Creators can create longer videos that can be split into multiple episodes with TikTok Series. As episodes are released over time, fans will be given a reason to return to the app to watch the upcoming episodes. Similar to streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime. This will aid content creators in maintaining their audience’s interest.

The paywall feature is optional, so content creators can decide whether or not to make their material accessible for free or at a cost. A percentage of the money made by their content will go to the creators. Some say a positive of this feature is the price of access is completely up to the creator themselves. If they think their content is more valuable, they can increase the subscription price. Creators have complete control over their revenue stream.

TikTok has always been a free app and gained revenue from advertisements, this new feature represents a significant change. TikTok’s decision to adopt a paywall feature aligns it with other content platforms that let creators get paid directly by their followers such as:

Positives of TikTok Series

TikTok Series gives artists the chance to forge closer bonds with their audience. Thanking them for their support by providing exclusive material that fans have requested.

The drawbacks TikTok Series

The new paywall feature does have some possible drawbacks. On a platform where content has always been free, some fans might not be ready to pay for it. Therefore, creators run the risk of alienating their audience if they start charging for previously free content.

A gap between content creators who can afford to create high-quality content and those who cannot, could be another negative of introducing a paywall. Only the most well-known and wealthy creators might be able to make money off the platform.

Despite these potential challenges, TikTok has chosen to launch TikTok Series, which may completely alter how content producers are compensated for their work. Although it will take some time to see if viewers will pay for exclusive content on TikTok, the rewards for creators could be significant.

With TikTok being a relatively new platform, the monetisation tools available are still in development and TikTok Series is not the only way you can earn revenue from this channel. Read about the alternative monetisation methods TikTok have to offer.