8th June 2023 - By: alda09x024

Top 3 Sports Marketing Trends you can’t Ignore During Close Season

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It’s coming to that time of year when unfortunately, all our favourite sports are coming to an end. Whether it’s football, rugby or basketball you’re in to, I’m sure you can agree there’s been many engaging sports marketing trends throughout the season. Now, let’s take a look at some of the trends you can’t ignore during the close season. 

Gamification in sport

It’s no secret the value of fan engagement is growing as a result of the intense competition between teams and events for supporters’ attention. One sports marketing trend proven to be successful is the use of gamification. During close season, fans miss the action, the competition and the feeling of being involved in a game. To replicate the feeling, teams can incorporate game like experiences into their marketing. A super easy way to do this is through TikTok, creating interactive filters which fans can use in their own videos, deciding who their dream team is or turning themselves into their favourite player. If TikTok isn’t your go to platform, try using the quiz and poll elements out on Instagram and Facebook – another easy way to engage fans.  

Athlete First Content

Star players become sought-after commodities when fans seek to engage more personally with their beloved teams, and loyalty and advocacy are increased when supporters feel more connected. 

Sports fans don’t want to just see the players on the pitch but want to see what they’re like off it. For example, in Manchester City’s recent Premier League win the players were seen celebrating,  with Erling Haaland and Jack Grealish doing light-hearted funny interview which blew up on TikTok. This is evidence that fans are engaged not just by the games themselves, but the players as well.  

Increase in female fans 

Businesses are now increasingly thinking about increasing marketing spends and efforts for female audience. Women athletes have justifiably come into the limelight in recent years thanks to rising interest in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and the Women’s Super League (WSL). This has become increasingly evident towards the end of the 2023 sports season and it is something businesses need to be aware of when planning their marketing strategies for the next season.