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Top 5 Podcasts That Sports Fans Love

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If you’re a sports fan looking for a podcast to get you through the week then look no further. If you get in the car and turn on the radio, you probably won’t have trouble finding a sports talk show. But in 2023, more than ever, the sports discussion environment has widened beyond these two conventional media formats and into podcasting, a technology that offers a great deal more latitude and a great deal more flexibility in its design. Below, you’ll find five excellent podcasts, each focused on a different part of the sports you can’t get enough of. Each of these podcasts serves a certain function excellently, whether it is to provide compelling stories, insightful advice, or simply to listen to some fans converse. If you’re a sports team thinking about starting a podcast, then take notes –  this is how the professionals do it.  

The Bill Simmons Podcast 

Bill Simmons, an American sports pundit, author, and former sportswriter, is the host of this podcast. He is also the creator and CEO of the sports website The Ringer and the host of Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons on HBO. The most downloaded and well-known sports podcast is The Bill Simmons Podcast, which regularly hosts a wide range of excellent guests, including athletes, celebrities, and media figures. This podcast is a must-listen if you love sports.  So, why do fans enjoy the Bill Simmons podcast? 

  • Content that is interesting and entertaining: The Bill Simmons programme is renowned for its robust conversations and debates regarding the most recent sports news and happenings. Sports enthusiasts like the irreverence and humour of the programme, as well as the analyses and insights offered by Simmons and his guests. 
  • Insider information: Bill Simmons has covered sports for more than 20 years and has amassed a sizable network of connections in the business. As a result, the programme frequently includes interviews with athletes, coaches, and other insiders, giving viewers insightful information about the sports industry.  

Rugby Union weekly 

The main stories in rugby union are covered by Ugo Monye, Chris Jones and Danny Care, hosts of Rugby Union Weekly. They’ll bring you special guests and cover the biggest stories in the game in between arguments and tangents.  So, why do fans enjoy the Rugby Union Weekly podcast? 

  • Engagement of the audience: The Rugby Union Weekly podcast frequently includes comments and questions from the audience, allowing listeners to participate with the hosts and feel like they are a part of the conversation. This degree of fan involvement fosters a close relationship between the show and its viewers.  
  • In-depth reporting: The Rugby Union Weekly podcast offers in-depth reporting on rugby union, including analyses of the most recent headlines and events. Fans admire the show’s focus on the finer points and dedication to delivering thorough coverage of the sport. 

All the smoke  

Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes, two former professional basketball players, are the hosts of the weekly sports podcast All the Smoke. It has grown to be among the top sports podcasts available. During the broadcast, Matt and Stephen engage in genuine dialogue. Both Matt and Stephen are skilled interviewers. On the show, they welcome guests like Steve Nash, Kevin Durant, Lil Wayne, and the late Kobe Bryant. So, why do fans enjoy the All the smoke podcast? 

  • Honest conversations: The podcast includes unvarnished conversations with current and past athletes, coaches, and other key figures in the sports world. Fans get a look inside the lives and careers of some of the biggest names in sports thanks to the interviews, which are frequently unvarnished and genuine. 
  • Hosts who are interesting and engaging: The podcast’s hosts have a strong sense of humour and a chemistry that makes the show fun to listen to. They are able to establish a relationship with their visitors that makes it possible for open and interesting discussions. 

Football Weekly  

The UK’s The Guardian newspaper produces the football-related podcast Football Weekly. It debuted on TV in 2006. It analyses the most recent football news and results and previews upcoming games. The show is mostly centered on the Premier League and English football in general, but it also pays attention to football in other parts of Europe, with a concentration on La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga. So, why do fans enjoy the Football Weekly podcast? 

  • Global coverage: The Football Weekly podcast covers football from every major league on the globe. The show’s dedication to covering all facets of the sport, from the most recent news and results to tactical analysis and individual performances, is well-liked by viewers. 
  • The podcast is amusing and interesting in addition to offering deep and educational analysis of football. The hosts get along well with one another and have a wonderful sense of humour, so viewers like listening to the programme. 

The Totally Football show with James Richardson  

James Richardson and Team Totally are here to provide you with all the football news you need to know, as well as a lot more. They recap the whole weekend’s events on Monday. On Tuesday, James Horncastle and Raphael Honigstein from the Euro team examine events around the continent. Additionally, Duncan Alexander delivers statistics on Thursday. So, why do fans enjoy the totally football show with James Richardson? 

  • Variety of topics: The podcast not only covers international matches and leagues, but also delves into many facets of the game, including player transfers, debates, and the business of football. There is always something engaging and educational to listen to because to the range of content.  
  • Diverse Guests: They come from a variety of backgrounds are featured on The Totally Football Show, including former players, coaches, and football commentators, as well as journalists and analysts. This diversity offers a variety of viewpoints in the football world. 

As you can see, if you’re a fan of sport then there are plenty of brilliant podcasts out there for you. All of these podcasts will offer fans a unique and informative experience whether you’re on the way to work, at the gym or just on a walk, these podcasts are perfect for sport fans. As mentioned in the introduction, if you’re a sports organisation looking to start your own podcast then definitely take inspiration from this list and take on board the reasons why fans enjoy the podcast. 

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