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Top 5 Sports TikTok Pages

Top 5 Sport TikTok Pages

TikTok is a global phenomenon, and it’s becoming more difficult to find anyone who isn’t on it. Although with surrounding controversy (thanks America), TikTok is a great platform for sporting content. 

So, here’s a list of our favourite Sport TikTok pages and how you can take inspiration.  

Champions League 

The Champions League is one of the biggest sporting competitions, attracting millions of fans every year. The UCL’s (UEFA Champions League) TikTok page is full of the best UCL moments. The videos are targeted to TikTok’s demographic, and the clips are edited to fit trends. They use trending edits, templates and sounds to attract the TikTok user, who are looking for faster paced and highly engaging videos. 

With 26.3 million followers and 780 million likes their videos consist of goals, saves, celebrations and iconic moments from over the years and the current season. They also feature one-on-one interviews from current and former players. In terms of information, this wouldn’t be the right page for you. Yet, The Champions League page is perfect for any football fan to take a stroll down memory lane and remember why they fell in love with the beautiful game.  


If you’re a sports fan you’ve most likely come across SPORTbible on other social media platforms and their TikTok isn’t much different. For those who are unaware, Sportbible creates and reshare sport content from individuals, usually small clips fans have taken themselves. These could vary from casual footage of sport matches or encounters with athletes. What makes SPORTbible a great page on TikTok is the variety of content and sports. It primarily focuses on football but if a video is entertaining enough and in anyway related to sport, you can be sure it will end up on SPORTbible. 

Sportbible differs from the more established organisations such as the UCL. We get to see communities of fans and behind the scenes footage we wouldn’t normally get and angles of sport moments that wouldn’t be broadcasted. The videos give an immersive fan experience and content out of the ordinary. You never really know what to expect, but you can guarantee it will be good.  

Wrexham AFC

Wrexham was expected. With everything going on at the club, they have their social media, especially TikTok, mastered. It always helps to have Hollywood stars as your owners and Wrexham have taken advantage of this (we don’t blame them!). They put Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny in the limelight and of course, they are used to it, but you can image how fun it is that a social media executive is directing two Hollywood stars around for a ten second TikTok and by the looks of it, the pair love it.  

They give insightful behind-the-scenes footage of the ownership of Wrexham and the changes that have occurred since their takeover. We also get glimpses of A-list celebrities such as  

  • Will Ferrell  
  • Hugh Jackman  
  • Charlie Day 

However, the Wrexham page isn’t just full of celebrities, they take great passion for the club, posting match highlights, player interviews and anything else going on in the club. Ultimately, what makes this TikTok page special is the gaining interest and eyes it’s bringing to League One football. By using their owners, Wrexham TikTok has successfully promoted their club and lower division football. 


BTSport’s TikTok page is a collection of entertaining content. BT are responsible for broadcasting some of the most watched sports. They own the rights to broadcast European football competitions such as the UCL, UEL and the UECL. This means they have exclusive access to match footage and behind the scenes content. Another two prominent sports on the BTSport TikTok page have arguably the largest and most loyal fan bases. With that being the UFC which Is constantly growing and the WWE which is one of the largest entertainment companies in the world. Due to broadcasting rights, BTSport have access to exclusive content and interviews with the athletes, without the worry of any copyright infringements. 


Gymshark has risen to the top of the fitness industry and has easily become one of the biggest gym brands and organisations. Ben Francis founded Gymshark whilst at university. What helped him build his brand is the utilisation of social media and influencers. Over 10 years later and Gymshark are still producing top content on social media and using the biggest names in the fitness industry. The Gymshark page is full of everything; gym, weightlifting, relatable moments, tips, advice, posing and of course, videos promoting the Gymshark clothing line. This page is suitable for everyone, from the average gym goer to hardcore bodybuilders.  

With YouTube fitness influencer David Laid recently acquiring the position of creative director for Gymshark, their content has never been better. Laid is creating content that targets the GymTok (Gym content on TikTok) audiences perfectly. Gym fans on TikTok are tired of the serious tone of old-style gym videos. Allowing Gymshark’s content to be funny, light-hearted, and relatable. Due to Gymshark’s popularity, they have access to some of the biggest names in the industry which is a key driver for fans. 

TikTok can be a hard platform to conquer due to its algorithm. One day you can be getting thousands of views to a few hundred in a couple of days. However, this fast-paced platform is great for a short, enjoyable clips which fortunately sports fans favour. TikTok has rid fans of the hassle of watching a 10-minute video for a five second highlight. Fans get to watch their favourite sports best moments in short videos.  

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