24th March 2023 - By: alda09x024

Weird but Wonderful Brand Collaborations

Brand on laptop screen

Every once in a while in the marketing world, you come across brand collaborations that make you just think… WHY? Well, this has happened recently in the form of Primark and Greggs, with the well-recognised brands teaming up to release an 11-piece fashion collection. This newly founded dynamic duo has understandably left fans of the pair rather bemused and it’s hard to believe that you’ll see people out and about donning their favourite Greggs clobber, right down to the socks!

Here at Nifty thinking outside the box is something we pride ourselves on, so we can often get on board with quirky collaborations. Over the years there has been some partnerships that just shouldn’t have worked on paper, but guess what, they did. And in true Nifty fashion, we wanted to share some of our favourites with you…

Asda x PreLoved (House of Gucci)

  • Asda recently teamed up with vintage wholesaler PreLoved, using the blockbuster movie House of Gucci to send the public into what can only be described as a frenzy. Asda and Gucci are two words that are scarcely used in the same sentence, but unbelievably, this campaign worked. It was innovative and hit all the sweet spots. Ahead of the highly anticipated release of Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci last November, George at Asda hid a host of PreLoved designer Gucci garms across their stores. However, there was a catch. No one knew where to find them. This of course sent the public crazy and had Asda on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

Where we come from, we call that a job well done!

Smeg x Supreme

Luxury New York streetwear meets home goods. Yes, you heard correctly.

  • In February 2021, fashion giants Supreme announced an array of eagerly anticipated one-off accessory collaborations. The stand-out of which was a bright red mini-fridge (stay with me, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you) with Italian homeware brand Smeg. If you wanted to get your hands on one of these it would have set you back around £1,000. But guess what, it didn’t put people off and, if anything, its popularity increased. So much so that after the US launch, an unveiling in Japan soon followed.

Francis Bourgeois x North Face & Gucci

  • So technically, this one is a collaboration within a collaboration. If you don’t know Francis Bourgeois then where have you been? He’s one of TikTok’s most famous faces, thanks to his incredible heart-warming love of locomotives. When the young lad was gaining recognition from millions of people from around the world, there were two brands waiting in the wings for the perfect moment to pounce. Enter North Face and Gucci. When these three much-loved entities came together, the result was a creative masterpiece. The trainspotter was cast in the latest advert of North Face x Gucci and absolutely everyone was on board with it (sorry, I had to). In the advert, Francis’ dream comes true as he becomes a conductor on what might be the most stylish train ever.

Balenciaga x Crocs

  • It’s a lot to take in. Balenciaga is no stranger to headline-making brand collaborations, with their latest collection really getting people talking. The fashion house teamed up with Crocs for the second time, creating what can only be described as fashion’s most practical shoe… I wish I was joking. Producing a stiletto take on the classic croslite mule, Balenciaga has released its ‘Croc Madame’ collaboration just in time for SS22. While there seems to be plenty of pairs left in all designer retail stockists (we can only wonder why), some experimental fashion fans are actually wearing them. Controversial brand collaborations in the world of fashion will always make noise, especially this one.