9th August 2021 - By: alda09x024

What is the Niftyverse?

What is the NiftyVerse?

If you’ve seen our socials, browsed our website or even spoken with any of our team, the chances are you’ve heard of the Niftyverse. It may sound corny, but it’s a pretty Nifty setup if we do say so ourselves. So, what is the Niftyverse?

The Niftyverse is an environment consisting of the marketing channels relevant to you, all working in harmoniously together so that your audience can be reached through the platforms they use the most. If someone of your target demographic shows an interest in a piece of your content, you want to capitalise on that interest so they consume more of your content and eventually convert to purchase from you.

Take the example of some nice PR coverage you’ve secured in one of your desired publications which showcases a new product of yours. When they go away to search for that product, it’s important that your website and social media channels are optimised so they don’t fall into the grasp of your competitors.

When building a Niftyverse, we kick things off with an audit. This will look at all of your activities and those of your main competitors to analyse where they’re performing well, what could be done better and what work needs to be done in order for you to surpass them. This allows us to define your audience, their interests and behavioural trends, enabling us to determine how best to target them.

It’s at this point our wealth of PR and marketing expertise comes into play. We can craft the content that resonates with your audience, implementing it through the channels that this audience is most likely to be reached.

The Niftyverse is constantly evolving. We’re consistently tracking performance across the board so we can focus resources on the activities which are most lucrative for your business, and refining those where we see potential for improvement.

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