13th February 2023 - By: alda09x024

Why Do You Segment Your Audience

why segment your audience

In marketing, the phrase ‘audience segmentation’ gets thrown around a lot, so much so that we wanted to find out why people think audiences should be segmented.  

What is Audience Segmentation

Segmentation is the process of breaking up your entire audience into manageable and appropriate groups (segments). Segmentation can be done in several ways but the best way to think about it is being able to understand your audience on a deeper level.  

Your entire audience will have different interests, expectations, and behaviours, segmenting them will provide endless opportunities for success.  

The different types of segmentation include: 

Demographic – This term refers to a person’s external characteristics, such as their age, gender, or marital status. 

Behavioural – This tells you how audiences act online, which social platforms they use, how they engage and what devices they use.  

Psychographic –This is insight to interests, values and mindset.  

Geographic – This can tell you where your audience is located, ranging from a continent to a postcode, depending on your preferences. 

Why Segment?

The most basic level of segmentation allows you to create tailored messaging for different audience segments. That is why there is no surprise that 46.2% of people answered our Twitter poll saying they segment their audiences to be able to post specific content.  

Posting specific content to audience segments ensures that your marketing strategy puts the customer first and without a doubt will help retain and attract the right customers for your business.  

36.9% of people said they segment in order to grow their audience, which again, if you are trying to understand your audience and speak to them directly, you will start to attract your target audience as the message has been tailored for them.  

However, at Nifty we like to go one step further…  

If you have already segmented your audience and are talking directly to them based on their interests and behaviours, this is a highly engaged, high specific audience. Brands will pay big money to get in front of a very specific, niche audience. This is why we were shocked that less than 17% answered to enhance commercials on our poll.  

Segmented audiences could be your foot in the door for sponsorship deals, if you can say that you have a 3% engagement rate on Facebook for 45–65-year-olds on Facebook, this is the perfect audience for home or life insurance and the ROI to access this audience will be high.  

It’s safe to say there are many benefits for audience segmentation, but our expertise lies within commercial opportunities. Head over to our detailed blog on how to increase revenue through segmentation to learn where to start, how it works and the many benefits you might be missing out on. Or, if you’d prefer – give us a call!