16th March 2023 - By: alda09x024

Will Rugby Super League Teams Meet the 2025 Grading Criteria?

Rugby Super League teams could face relegation due to the sport’s latest (and biggest!) update. Global sports management company, IMG, were tasked with recommending grading standards that would both raise the profile and engage fans.  

As such, clubs in the Super League, RFL Championship and League One will now be graded on a number of criteria, based on both on and off-field factors. The aim of this is to build fan bases, diversify revenue streams, encourage long-term investment in clubs and the sport, operate clubs in the best possible ways and assure strong governance. This is a huge overhaul for the sport and will have a massive impact on teams and their performance within the league.  

We, like all fans, want the sport to thrive and see Super League teams perform at the best, but we also understand how important these criteria are to the growth of rugby. So, we wanted to lend a helping hand to teams and fans and provide insight on this latest announcement. 

Rugby Grading Criteria

Could this grading criteria be seen in other sports?

Whether this concept will be taken into other sports and leagues will naturally be dependent on its success. It is becoming more and more important for organisations, leagues and teams to prioritise the entire business and not just performance on the pitch.  

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