18th April 2023 - By: alda09x024

Win for Cricket Fans as DAZN and Sky Come In for IPL Rights

Man hitting ball with cricket bat

DAZN and Sky have stepped in to obtain the rights to the Indian Premier League (IPL) for the next three seasons, which is a huge development for cricket fans. The decision was made after BT Sport, the IPL’s previous UK broadcaster, decided not to extend its contract.

A professional Twenty20 cricket league called the IPL is held annually in India. The competition, which includes some of the top players from around the world, has grown incredibly popular among cricket fans. Thanks to the new agreement with DAZN and Sky, UK viewers will be able to watch all 60 of the tournament’s games live.

DAZN’s expansion of its sports portfolio with the entry into cricket broadcasting is important. The UEFA Champions League, Serie A and La Liga are just a few of the major athletic events whose rights have already been acquired by the platform. The IPL’s inclusion in DAZN’s portfolio will contribute to the company’s continued growth as a major force in the sports broadcasting sector.

Sky, on the other hand, has shown cricket before. As a former owner of the UK’s domestic and international cricket rights, the firm has a long history of covering the sport. Sky’s position in the market will be further bolstered by the inclusion of the IPL to its cricket coverage, which will also provide fans access to even more premium cricket programming.

So how will this affect cricket fans

  • Cricket fans in the UK are anticipated to benefit from DAZN and Sky’s purchase of IPL rights. Fans will have access to more thorough coverage of the event than ever before because both broadcasters intend to air all 60 of the tournament’s games live. Fans will be able to follow the action live and in real-time while watching their preferred teams and players compete.
  • Furthermore, the decision by DAZN and Sky is anticipated to increase innovation and creativity in cricket broadcasting in the UK. Both broadcasters have a proven track record of utilising cutting-edge technologies to improve viewers’ viewing pleasure, for example “Multiview” enables users to view up to four live events on a single screen. Sky is at the forefront of technological advancements in broadcasting, such as the usage of virtual reality and ultra-high definition cameras.
  • The purchase of IPL rights by DAZN and Sky is anticipated to increase interest in cricket in the UK. Some of the top players in the world compete in the immensely popular IPL, and the additional coverage offered by DAZN and Sky is sure to draw in new followers of the game. This might therefore result in increased financial support for the construction of additional cricket grounds and facilities.

In conclusion, it is anticipated cricket fans in the UK will benefit from DAZN and Sky’s purchase of IPL rights. More thorough coverage of the tournament will be available to fans, and the utilisation of cutting-edge broadcasting technologies is likely to improve the viewing experience. Also, the enhanced coverage of the competition can contribute to the growth of cricket’s popularity in the UK and encourage more financial investment in it.

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